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Lego Harry Potter

About us

About Glerdybricks, your go-to-do for LEGO MOC instructions and designs on demand

Jordy Vansteenkiste

Our story

I am Jordy Vansteenkiste, the driving force behind Glerdybricks, a true AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) and a Lego MOC designer. I’m passionate about LEGO all my life and in the last 3 years I started designing LEGO sculptures myself.


Recognizing the need for clear and inspiring instructions for My Own Creations (MOC), I founded Glerdybricks. My vision was simple – to provide builders of all levels with meticulously crafted, easy-to-follow guides, ensuring that the joy of building extends to every LEGO enthusiast. LEGO is not just a toy: it's a language of creativity, with each element contributing to the narrative of a builder's imagination!


So let Glerdybricks be your guide in your colorful journey through the LEGO world.

Explore our webshop for MOC instructions or contact us for a personalized offer on custom designs.

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