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Lego Bricks

We bring all the pieces together

What sets us apart? There’s only one company that makes LEGO. There’s only one company that makes instructions for the best LEGO builds! Our building blocks of distinction: we meticulously design images of famous figures from the ground up with LEGO and we sell the instructions. We also design on demand.


Ever dreamed about putting a big or small statue of something into your interior? You’ve come to the right place. We create your dream, and size is not an issue! We can discuss the details of your custom design over a video call.

Do you want to own or give something original? We can create your own mosaic with your name or someone else’s name in it. Choose your perfect colors, letters, and font, provide us with a picture and we can transform it into a very nice mosaic. Any logo and every picture we can transform!


Glerdybricks is your passport to creativity, the ultimate destination for all your LEGO brick-building needs. We understand the excitement of crafting something unique from a pile of colorful LEGO bricks, and at Glerdybricks, we're here to make that journey enjoyable and hassle-free. Done with the guess work, in for some serious fun and satisfaction!

Lego Pokemon

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Let us know how we can enhance your building adventures. We're here to turn your ideas into brick-built realities!

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